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Who We Are

Upgraderr is interior architecture & design construction specialist. We create exquisite environments for residential, leisure and commercial interiors in Malaysia.

We listen to your needs and create a one stop solution for you so you are hassle free. The only thing you need is to ignite the excitement and enjoy the exquisite space when complete.

We have in-house team of builders and architects that ensure everything smooth from ideas to design to submitting planning applications and finally constructon. 

Upgraderr Interior architecture and design Construction Commercial

Core Values

At Upgraderr we uphold five core values:

Excellence – We believe only in outstanding quality of work so that you can have an exquisite space.

Passionate – We believe that great things are done by people who are passionate

Collaborative – Alone we can do little, together we can create  a beautiful world. We believe in synergy between everyone.

Progressive – We believe in progressive collaboration throughout whole project to achieve cost effectiveness and job accomplishments.

Integrity – We adhere to high ethical standards provide timely, accurate and truthful reports.

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